Urban permaculture gardening in Central Victoria

Photo by Megan Spencer ABC Local Radio


Megan Spencer from ABC Local Radio has asked me to join her for the next couple of weeks to talk about my plot! Chuffed, to say the least! Thank you.

 Listen in to her show on Saturday mornings on ABC Central Victoria Local Radio.

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Permaculture gardening in Central Victoria

Photo by Megan Spencer ABC Local Radio

Interview by Megan Spencer, ABC Local Radio – 19 July 2014

The weekend’s always a great time to get out into the garden isn’t it? To tackle weeds, dig in a new fruit tree or to plant the new season’s veggies…

Many say that gardening’s about 50% perspiration and 50% inspiration – the latter being especially important in the winter months when it’s cold and wet!

Today on ABC Local Radio Saturday Breakfast, Megan Spencer met an inspirational regional gardener. Her name is Rebecca Norman.

She and her family – husband Andy and two small children under five – live on a ‘regular’ street in a residential suburb of Bendigo, on a block of land of around 800 square metres.

But there’s nothing regular about the approach they took four years ago, when it came to planting their home garden, its circular design and ongoing maintenance and care. It was all inspired by Rebecca and her husband’s time living away from Australia, some of it ‘woofing’ on farms in Europe! Rebecca takes it from here in the podcast below.

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