Photo taken by Megan Spencer - ABC Central Victoria Radio

Hi and welcome to Mrs Broccoli, a blog about living more sustainably on an urban block in Central Victoria.


I grow organic fruit, vegetables, herbs, chooks, kids, a pommie husband, weeds, idea’s, stories and colonies of slugs and earwigs, using permaculture principles. What does permaculture mean? In a nut shell it means working with nature instead of against it.

By no means am I a hard-core gardener! I entered this world with a natural curiosity, not a degree or any real gardening experience and can testify that every cyclamen I receive each year for mothers day…has never made it!

The reason why I wanted to grow my own food was because I was fed up with our broken modern food system and the effects it is having on our health and our children’s behaviour. So when we moved to Central Victoria, it was the perfect time to start to grow food without labels for my family, and so far its working!…

The climate and lack of water can be pretty challenging at times, but with a little perseverance and love we manage to grow a lot of yummy food, utilising every bit of space we have on our 800 square metre block.

I look forward to sharing with you our experiences, the things that grow and the things that don’t, the stories that come about, and the community we are a part of. Hopefully you might be inspired to do it yourself one day.